Sunday, April 02, 2006

-multicast +caching followup

(ok, this post has been in draft state for almost month, so I guess I'll just publish it, before it is totally outdated.)

I got quite a few reactions on my previous post. Most saying something like: "Pretty nice, but content providers wont allow it to happen". Unfortunately I have to agree to a large extent. It would have been better if they understood that it is in their interest. People really want time shifting, they will buy recording devices instead if the it is not supported directly in the service. So the content providers will actually have better control with the caching scheme.

It is also interesting to relate this to the "network neutrality"/"broadband discrimination" discussion. The caching should decrease the amount of traffic through the carriers. Instead of starting paying the carriers lots of money, the money could be spent deploying caches at the ISPs.

There are even content providers that have realized that the situation is not sustainable. (A short summary in English: SVT (the public service television in Sweden) is starting to search for alternative methods for distributing their on demand "internet TV". The huge increase in popularity has caused higher traffic costs, which is the main problem with the current method of distribution; "The more people watching, the higher cost").

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