Monday, June 05, 2006

I've been rebooted

Friday I was at reboot 8. There was a few presentations worth mentioning...

Jesse James Garrett - Beyond tagging: User generated information structure. The really interesting part was when he showed how Amazon instrument in every link to be able to compleatly track how the user surfed, not only what pages, but also exactly where in the pages (s)he clicked on the links. This got me thinking about applying this to desktop applications and doing a variant of the "test coverage feedback" stuff for GUI design, but instead of getting coverage data the GUI should be instrumented and track every action in the GUI and give feedback on how the users interact with the application. The problem is of course to analyze the data; a tool that just gives a list of the most important things to optimize in the GUI would probably be a good start. Using every user as a test person that improve the usability can't be bad, can it? Luckily I'm not writing any GUI application currently, so I wont try to implement it :)

Jeremy Keith - In Praise Of The Hyperlink. A great presentation; a wonderful loveletter to the hyperlink. I really can't make the presentation justice in this blog entry, but there is two things that I just have to relay. #1: Permalink should be a tautology - links want to be permanent. #2: Google bot is a quantum device; when I visit a webpage with a number of links, universe spawns a number of parallell universes, one for each link, and I will remain in the one corresponding to the link I click on - google bot however is a quantum device and will follow all of them, and exist in several universes.

Chris Heathcote - A mobile Internet manifesto. This guy from nokia gave a good presentation. I totally agree that the real blocker for good mobile apps is that operators charge per transferred amount of data. I did a pretty cool demo with his phone basically running a port of apache and mod_python and controlling the phone over the web. It wouldn't be that useful in it self, but it really allows to build applications that pushes data into the phone. Nokia is definitly doing the right thing opening up the platform with python. My next phone might even be a noika.

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