Monday, November 19, 2007

Openmoko xmms2 client

Finally I got around publishing the source for the little XMMS2 client I've been working on (when not preparing the DrKosmos release). It is designed for use on the FIC neo1973 phone, turning it into a remote control for your XMMS2. Most time was wasted fighting with bitbake. Or rather getting bitbake and waf to get along.

Avahi is used to detect XMMS2 servers on your network. x2r starts with a serverbrowser listing the XMMS2 servers on your network (+ some hardcoded addresses, later version will allow adding to this list). After server is selected and connected to the "now playing screen" is shown (see screenshot to the left). See screen cast in very crappy quality below.

I wrote some simple custom gtk widgets using gob2 for use in x2r. Those are available in the awidgets repository on

The bitbake-files for xmms2 and x2r are available in the omoko-apps repo at

Update: ipkgs are available at

Btw, I have some plans for a playlist screen aswell, just need to find the time to implement it.

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